Villa dei Cedri | Spazio – Visioni Intrecciate


45 international works selected among the finalists of the last editions of Arte Laguna Prize, already exhibited at the Arsenale Nord in Venice, arrive in Valdobbiadene in an exhibition that revolves around the concept of space, declined under the architectural, natural, interior and dreamlike aspect, creating a series of visions that intertwine with each other opening up to the other, in a chain of unique ideals such as the artists who have lent their voice to narrate the world in which we live.

The exhibition SPAZIO – VISIONI INTRECCIATE accompanies the visitor to discover the different declinations of contemporary art (painting and photography, digital art and video art, sculpture and installation, art design), inviting him to subvert his perspective and expand his vision of the world through the works presented.


Berzon MacKie Sofie (Israel)
Wong Phyllis (Singapore)
Poncia Simona (Italy)
Mini Lorenzo (Italy)
Kim Sovann (France)
Salomé-Charlotte Camors (France)
Semm Benjamin (Germany)
Dicran Bogossian (France)
Jindal Chirag (New Zeland)
Matsuhara Akitoshi (Japan)
Romano Julia (Argentina)
Manalo Michael Vincent (Philippines)

Serafino Alice (Italy)
Von Büdingen Snezhana (Russia)
Carvalho Alyson (Brasil)
MacRae Tolmie (Austrialia)
Skoromnaya Anna (Belaurs)
Mendez Rebeca (Mexico)
Bazari Mina (Iran)
Sgro Tina (Italy)
Garletti Emanuele (Italy)
Paul Jeanteur (Japan)
Béatrice Lartigue (France)

Hdez-Güero Jesús (Cuba)
Korzhov Valentin (Russia)
Kuo-Hsiang Kuo (Taiwan)
Alhemd Mohammad (Kuwait)
Duroy Raphael (France)
Harvey Rebecca (United States)
Kikuchi Aomi (Japan)
Michael Thron (United States)
Morandini Angelo Demitri (Italy)
Daniel Jules Roger (France)
Raso Alex (Italy)

Exhibitions in Veneto – The Land of Venice

The initiative of the Exhibition in Veneto was born from the collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and some Villas, Residences and Cultural Institutions of the territory with the aim of continuing to promote and discover the new talents of the international artistic system.

Thanks to the presence of these works of contemporary art, an artistic path has been created that connects different realities allowing the public, even those who already know them, to approach them in a different light.

Arte Laguna Prize works are exhibited at:

  1. Villa Rechsteiner (TV) – March 26 – December 31
  2. Castello di Thiene (VI) – April 3 – December 31
  3. Villa Roberti (PD) – April 24 – December 31
  4. Villa San Liberale (BL) – April 30 – December 31
  5. Villa Montruglio (VI) – May 8 – December 31
  6. Villa Valmarana (VI) – May 14 – October 31
  7. SelvArt (VI)
  8. Villa dei Cedri (TV) – May 21 – August 15
  9. Spazio Thetis (VE)
  10. Confcommercio (TV)