Online Exhibition ‘Beyond Utopia: Visions of a Perfect World’.
from June 15 till September 15, 2023

The Exhibition seeks to ask Where have we located our utopias, and how have we attempted to make the utopias to which we have aspirated come true? By turns, these manifestations mirror our innermost yearnings and our contemporary realities – that gnawing sense that this world is not enough.
Writer Thomas More conjoined the Greek words for “good place” and “no place” when naming his fictional island “Utopia” as a reminder that the idealized society he envisioned was fundamentally imaginary.
Nevertheless, the pursuit of Utopia is a never-ending humanist endeavour.
Utopian ideals refer to a hypothetical community or world nearly ideal for its inhabitants, continually reimagined and haunting people’s consciousness.

Paisajes culturales – agabe / 2023 / digital collage