Muestra individual de la artista argentina Julia Romano en las salas de arte contemporáneo del Museo de la India en Calcuta.

Inauguración jueves 30 de junio de 15 a 18 hs. Cierre 13 de julio

Patrocina The Basu Foundation for the Arts con el apoyo de la Embajada de Argentina en Calcuta y el Ministerio de Cultura de la India.


The works in “Dremscapes” are pieces made with digital collage that put together photographs of landscapes, classic paintings of European landscapes, traced drawings and freehand drawings of imaginary natures. These elements combine to form a kind of island-world that floats in the middle of the white of the sheet. Each oasis has some of that magic that surrounds collage, the opportunity to find forms of different origins, natures and aesthetics and in this union, mutate, transform, change. Thus, there is a dialogue of biological multiplicities that could well be the gate to a garden, which – built from its most elemental fiber with care and subtlety – signifies the stage of eternal possibilities.

All these years producing and thinking about the territory from my individual experience, I recognize that the landscape is what each one builds with what is close (not only close to our body but also to our mind). It is about intensifying observation, selecting carefully and in the end, with a little imagination, creating something comfortable. 

The landscape is a cultural container that registers, in its multiple element constituencies, a history of the world. The landscape is a superposition of moments that contribute to the construction of an exhaustive history of that place. Perhaps the most exciting is to recognize that there is not a single reading of the territory but that this succession of layers embraces the testimony of each being that inhabits it.

The landscape is a constant doing, a permanent change of state of mind, matter and body.

Julia Romano | Córdoba, Argentina | June, 2022